Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Book Spotlight - Wedding Bell Blues by Caroline Fardig

Great news, book 5 in Caroline Fardig's Lizzie Hart Mysteries is out today! I love this series and was lucky enough to get to read an advance review copy of this book and it is absolutely fabulous. I highly recommend grabbing a copy and if you haven't read the rest of the series, then give it a go as you can currently try book 1 (It's Just A Little Crush) for free on Amazon USA. 

Now, about the book....

Lizzie Hart’s crazy love life has been leading up this moment…when she finally gets to marry Blake Morgan.  But with their luck, will they make it to ’til death do us part before the wedding even starts?

It’s June in the small town of Liberty, and that means it’s wedding season.  Faster than you can say “I do,” the social height of the year turns deadly as a sadistic killer begins targeting couples on what should be their happiest day.

The terror begins as a groom keels over before he can get through his vows.  The clever killer frames Bethany McCool, the dead groom’s ex, for the murder.  Lizzie knows her friend Bethany is innocent, so she enlists the help of her fiancĂ©, Blake, and sets out to find the real killer.  But as the mayhem intensifies, the duo realizes they’re going to have to partner up with the police this time instead of trying to do all the sleuthing on their own.

As if they don’t have enough to do, Lizzie and Blake’s big day is fast approaching, and neither of them can wait to tie the knot.  Lizzie’s domineering mother has taken over the planning for the wedding, but even she can’t hold everything together as one by one the florist, the baker, and the caterer start pulling out over safety concerns.  With the string of violence threatening to ruin their happily ever after, Lizzie and Blake must rush to find the killer before they become the next victims.

Friday, 17 June 2016

Summer Celebration Grand Prize Draw

Have you entered the Big 4th of July Giveaway yet?

There are 21 ebooks (including my own book Murder On The Menu) and $210 of Amazon gift cards up for grabs.

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Book Spotlight - Mug Shot by Caroline Fardig

I have read all of Caroline Fardig's books and loved every one of them. She writes two fun (and romantic) mystery series - Lizzie Hart Mysteries and the Java Jive Mysteries. 

Book 2 in the Java Jive series is called Mug Shot (brilliant title!) and is released today. I've already read this book  ( advance review copy - yay! Lucky me) and it is just as wonderful as Caroline's other books - I highly recommend grabbing a copy. If you haven't read any of her other books, I'd say get those as well!

MUG SHOT is the second book in the JAVA JIVE MYSTERIES series.  DEATH BEFORE DECAF (Book 1) is a USA TODAY BESTSELLER. 

Full of humor and suspense, the bestselling Java Jive series heats up as the irrepressible heroine of Death Before Decaf faces off against Nashville’s upper crust to solve a shocking murder.

Book Description:

Former musician Juliet Langley has barely had a day off since taking over management of the coffeehouse owned by her best friend, Pete Bennett. But there’s always more to be done—such as prepping for the annual Holiday 5K Race organized by Pete’s snobby socialite girlfriend, Cecilia Hollingsworth. This year, Java Jive has a booth right at the finish line, and since Juliet and Cecilia don’t always see eye to eye, everything has to be perfect. Nothing can go wrong. Nothing . . . like Juliet stumbling over Cecilia’s dead body on the morning of the race.

When Pete is arrested for Cecilia’s murder, Juliet sets out to clear his name. She’ll do whatever it takes—even if it means standing up to the police, her ex-boyfriend, and the grande dames of Nashville. But there isn’t enough espresso in the world for the greatest challenge in her path: infiltrating Nashville’s high society to uncover the hidden hotbed of scandal without running afoul of the law herself. With her last dime staked on Pete’s bail bond and her staff growing jittery, the last thing Juliet needs is for her trademark temper to land her behind bars. As time drips away, Juliet needs to crack this case before the killer comes back for another shot.

Grab a copy of Mug Shot

About the Author:

CAROLINE FARDIG is the USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR of the Java Jive Mysteries series and the Lizzie Hart Mysteries series. Fardig's BAD MEDICINE was named one of the "Best Books of 2015" by Suspense Magazine. She worked as a schoolteacher, church organist, insurance agent, funeral parlor associate, and stay-at-home mom before she realized that she wanted to be a writer when she grew up. Born and raised in a small town in Indiana, Fardig still lives in that same town with an understanding husband, two sweet kids, two energetic dogs, and one malevolent cat.

Social Media For Caroline: 

Mailing List:
Twitter:  @carolinefardig

Don't forget Caroline's FABULOUS

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Diary of A Dog Owner - Week 1

We've had Labrador dogs in our lives for well over ten years now and consider them part of our family. Which goes a long way towards why my hubbie and I are so worried and nervous at the moment - we might be adding to that family, if only temporarily!

Our 'pack' consists of Meg (age 8), Moss (age 5), Cassie (age 3 and a half) and Ruby (10 months). Sadly, Toby (who would have been 10) passed away back in September 2014. Anyway, I digress, back to family matters... we mated Cassie with a dog called Rick (he has a posh kennel name but goes by the name Rick to his friends) almost a month ago and this Friday is D-day or should that be P-day (puppy day) because that's the day we'll take her to be scanned and find out if she'll be having puppies or not.

We've never mated any our of dogs before so this is virgin (excuse the pun) territory - and all exciting but scary at the same time too. We think Cassie probably is in pup because she is behaving differently and our other dogs keep sniffing her as though she smells different. If Cass is expecting then some of the pups are already spoken for with excellent homes lined up, but I suspect we'll grow very attached to the little labs during the 8 weeks we'll be looking after them until they go off to their new homes - will we be tempted to keep one for ourselves?

I'll update you after Friday with the news on whether Cassie is about to become a mum or not and if so how many pups the vet thinks she is expecting - ahh, much nervous gnawing of finger nails in the meantime...

Monday, 28 March 2016

Book Spotlight With Deborah Nam-Krane

Today's spotlight is a book launch by the fabulous author Deborah Nam-Krane...

The Golden Boy Returns

David Hwang was idealistic, smart, and hard-working—and he wanted to help. Powerful Lucy Bartolome recognized his talent right away, but first he needed to smooth out his rough edges. He’d need every lesson she’d taught him if he was going to run for mayor of Boston—again.

Kasi Panchal was smart and hard-working, but she’d seen too much for too long to be idealistic. Something about David Hwang made her believe in a lot of things she’d given up on—including herself.

Zainab Hendrickson and Emily Graham knew David and Kasi could make things happen if they joined forces. Of course they’re right, but can those two get out of their way long enough to see it too?

Buy links for this book:

Giveaway code

About the author: 
Deborah Nam-Krane is a writer in Boston who has been writing novels since the age of thirteen. When she’s not reading, writing, editing or reviewing, you can find her running around Boston with her homeschooled sons or acting like a mad scientist in her kitchen.

The best way to keep in touch is to follow her blog Written By Deb and subscribe to her newsletter (only publishing announcements, never spam).

Thursday, 24 March 2016

The Hidden Meaning Of Flowers

I'm always intrigued by things having hidden meanings and I love the idea of flowers having a recognised language all of their own.

As well as looking pretty and smelling gorgeous the types of flowers you choose to give as gifts or pop in a vase on your dining room table have, according to folklore, secret meanings...

Sending someone the 'wrong' type of flower or a bloom in an appropriate colour was once considered a major faux pas.

So, if you fancy learning the language of flowers here's a little translation:

* White flowers symbolise protection and purification
* Pink  relates to friendship and affection
* Red - not surprising these are associated with passion, sex, lust and love
* Yellow is connected to wisdom
* Orange flowers are linked with success and vitality
* Blue flowers are all about healing and peace


So, that's an idea of colours and their traditional associations, now, let's get specific, with flower types....

* Carnations - energy and healing
* Violet- love and protection
* Daffodil - fertility and love
* Sweet peas - friendship
* Daisy - love (remember making daisy chains and the rhyme about he loves, he loves me not, as you pick off the petals?)

* Rose - love (of course!)
* Larkspur/delphinium - health and protection
* Poppy - luck and prosperity
* Calendula - strength and healing
* Chrysanthemums - protection

Fascinating, don't you think?

Monday, 14 March 2016

Grab An Addictive Romantic Comedy Mystery For Free or 99c

"Addictive new series, approach only if you are willing to read into the early hours of the morning!!!"
Chicks That Read

'Humorous romantic cozy mystery in the world of the rich and famous' 

The Book:

Amber Reed’s at work making up the horoscopes for the local newspaper and wishing for some excitement in her life, when she gets a phone call offering her just that. 

Plunged into the middle of a celebrity murder investigation she’s desperately trying to convince the scarily handsome special agent assigned to solve the case that she can help him catch the killer. 

Amber’s soon battling something far more dangerous than she could ever have imagined – and it has nothing to do with the equally scary chemistry fizzing between her and special agent Charlie. 

Has Amber’s wish for more excitement in her life landed her in big trouble – or is her fate written in the stars? 

From The Reviews: 

“The start of what promises to be a very good series, Amber Reed (also known as Madam Zamber, astrologer in residence on the local paper) is about to get involved in murder!” 

“Amber Reed's life isn't that exciting. During the day she works as a horoscope writer for a local paper and in the evenings she's a bar maid in a pub. However, Amber's life is suddenly shaken up when she is contacted by her ex-boyfriend Ennis McKarthy, who is now a famous actor, after his brother Joel has been found dead. Amber immediately goes to Ennis to see what has happened: was it an accident, suicide, or perhaps murder? Amber quickly meets Charlie Huxton, an agent for the CCIA (Celebrity Crimes Investigation Agency) who has been hired by Ennis to get to the bottom of things. Yet, Ennis doesn't trust Charlie 100%, so he asks Amber to keep track of things and follow Charlie. At first, Amber isn't so sure, but as the plot thickens and as she gets to know Charlie, she simply no longer can't seem to stay away until the case has been solved.” 

“I quickly warmed to the main protagonist, Amber, and leading man Charlie has a bit of a James Bond feel to him which I think numerous female readers will definitely enjoy!” 

Check Out The Book's Mini Movie Trailer over on YouTube: